Boston Red Sox Are Playing Spoilers, Beating Tampa Bay Rays

A great Red Sox/Yankee moment.
The Boston Red Sox have managed two straight wins against the Tampa Bay Rays and will be going for their third tonight. Although the Red Sox have no chance at a playoff spot and have had a miserable season, it’s a bit thrill to see them doing their best to take the Rays out.

Doubront Notches #11

Felix Doubront, who had a fine first half of the season, has struggled the second half. He has had some control problems but there are times when he just didn’t get the run support he needed. I like Doubront a lot and really liked the way that he handled the Rays tonight.

Although he gave up three runs in the third, he managed to keep himself together and shut down the Rays through the sixth. He walked 5 and struck out 5. Relief was solid and the Red Sox beat the Rays for the second time in two nights. This time it was 7-5.

Red Sox Having Fun

Guys like Jacoby Ellsbury and Dustin Pedroia are enjoying sticking to the Rays. It’s fun for them to try to be the spoilers. What have they got to lose? The simple answer is nothing. So they are coming on strong, as are some of the younger players. They’re a joy to watch. There’s some fine energy on this team. That’s been missing most of the season.

Who’s Next?

After the series with the Rays, Boston will play the team again. The next time it will be for two games at Fenway Park. The Red Sox will also meet the Baltimore Orioles twice. Each time they will play three games—one series will be at Camden Yards and the other at Fenway. Their final series will be against the New York Yankees in New York.

Yankee Spoilers?

It would be some kind of a great ending if the Red Sox were able to take the Bronx Bombers out of the playoffs. This is a real possibility, as the Yanks continue to go back and forth with the Orioles. In order for the Red Sox to have the chance to be spoilers, the Yankees will need to either be tied or within a game of Baltimore and a few other teams will need to be within striking distance of the Wild Card and the Bronx Bombers.

That scenario could prove to set the stage for some very exciting moments for Red Sox fans at the end of the season. They will play October 1-3. Let’s be the Evil Empire’s spoilers!

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