Boston Red Sox Lose 2 of 3 to Yankees

"Felix Doubront starting pitcher Boston Red Sox"
Red Sox pitcher Felix Doubront had control issues, allowing 5 BBs.
The Boston Red Sox continued to struggle as they went 1-2 versus the Yankees this week at Fenway Park. The Red Sox won the first game but then lost the next two. In their last 10 games, Boston has won just 2 and they are now 17.5 games out of first place in the AL East. They are also just 4 games away from being the worst team in the AL. Only Minnesota and Cleveland, who are tied for that honor, have worse records.

Close Games

The good news is that the Red Sox played the Yankees well and kept all three games close. The first game saw Boston win 4-3 and the second was a 5-4 loss. Game three ended in a score of 2-0, as the Red Sox had 6 hits. The Yankees managed only 5 hits in that final game but had 7 walks, including 5 off starter Felix Doubront (10-9, 5.11 ERA). The difference was in BB. Yankee pitching allowed just 1 BB.

Derek Jeter

In game two, Derek Jeter came up lame after trying to beat out a ground ball. Manager Joe Girardi took him out of the game despite his protests. Jeter said he would be back the next day and he was. In the third game, Jeter had 1 hit and 1 RBI. Jeter has always been a quality player. Even in the waning years of his career, the Yankee shortstop continues to be a quality player, giving his all.

Losing Record

Although the Red Sox struggled in the first half of the season to maintain a .500 mark, there was some hope that they could break through after the All-Star break. But that break through never did materialize and a few weeks after the midseason, the team really began to falter dramatically.

They presently have a record of 64-80 and a home mark of 33-43. Boston is usually one of the best home teams in MLB. Next up are the Toronto Blue Jays. The Jays had spent much of the 2012 season in the cellar until Boston replaced them about one week ago.

Final Weeks

The finals weeks of the MLB season see the Red Sox also play the top teams in their division. They have 6 games against the Rays, 6 versus the Orioles and 3 games in Yankee Stadium. It will be a long, tough last few weeks from this team, which at one time held so much promise. It’s already time to say “wait until next year.”

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