New England Patriots Win Opener Vs. Tennessee Titans

"New England Patriots Tom Brady"
Tom Brady and the New England Patriots had a lot to smile about in Tennessee.
Wow, that was a good Patriots’ game, huh? What a refreshing change from what we’ve witnessed at the old ballpark recently. As the Red Sox were losing yet again on Sunday the New England Patriots were taking it to the Tennessee Titans in a major way.

The Game

The final score was Pats 34 and Titans 13. The New England offense and defense both showed up and hammered Tennessee. The Pats had 25 first downs while the Titans got 16. New England notched 390 net yards while Tennessee got 284. Just 20 of those Titan yards were on the ground.

The Patriot defense had 2 sacks and caused 2 turnovers. Dont’a Hightower picked up a fumble and ran it back for a TD. The Pats also had one interception. Jerod Mayo led the team with 13 tackles. Brady tossed 2 TDS and RB Steven Ridley, who had 125 yards, ran for one score. The Pats used 4 different running backs and 6 different receivers.

It was simply a fine overall effort. While in the division, the Jets beat the Bills and the Dolphins lost to the Texans. That puts the Jets and Pats in a tie in the AFC East.

Next Up

The Patriots next play the Arizona Cardinals. They will meet them on Sunday at 1 pm in Gillette Stadium. Arizona beat the Seattle Seahawks 20-16 in their home opener.

The Patriot defense looked very good and should be able to handle the Cardinals. I expect Brady to do well against the Arizona defense and their mix of ground and air game will serve them well.

Are the Pats for Real?

There’s a question, huh? Are the New England Patriots for real? They looked uninspired in the preseason. But then again, the preseason is just that the preseason. They played an exceptional game today and I expect them to be cable of doing the same next week.

What makes me especially hopeful is the fact that the defense should simply get better. They are young but man they looked good and there’s nothing like a great first game to give you some confidence.

And of course Brady and company are a proven entity. This is a deep offense that’s capable of big plays any time. A few more games like today’s and we’ll be able to put the Red Sox 2012 season behind us. They are already fading from memory. Thank you New England Patriots!

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