Boston Celtic Jeff Green Has a Real Bond with the NBA Club

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Boston Celtic Jeff Green is ready to play!
It’s been a long road for Boston Celtics small forward Jeff Green who last season was diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm. Green found out something was wrong just before the start of last season. By December 18th the problem was clearly defined and Green’s life and career were both in jeopardy. Green underwent surgery and afterward started to rehab. At first, it was a major challenge to walk. But he worked hard. The player, who had been added to the roster to backup Paul Pierce and to help the Celtics be faster and younger, was out of the game.

Team Player

Green proved to be a real team player and the Celtics stood behind his recovery 100%. He said that the essential support that he got from the Celtics was a major factor in his recovery. As Green got better, he was seen with the team, going into the locker before and after games and sitting near the bench when the club played. He was a presence in the playoffs; although he would have rather been on the court, he was certainly glad to lend his moral support from the seats near the bench.

Green is Back

Jeff Green is back, fully recovered and ready to go. It looks like he will be Paul Pierce’s backup once again, adding youth and speed in the manner in which he was meant to. When he was recovering from his operation, he was focused on his life and family. Basketball was last on his mind.

Green struggled to do simple things at first. He had no idea if he would ever play basketball again. When he got back to the court Green said he had to start from scratch.

Lessons Learned

The small forward said that he learned some very important lessons from his experience. In many ways his life has changed.

Green observed, “I view things differently now. I don’t take a lot of things for granted. After the procedure, just doing a situp was hard. Walking from door to door was hard. Catching my breath was hard. All the things that I do now were taken away from me. A procedure that only took a couple hours.”

Happy Ending

Grateful to be able to play again and healthy enough to do so Green’s story is uplifting and positive. This Celtics’ story, unlike some others that involved ill health, looks to have a happy ending that signals a new beginning. I hope Green has a great season, and even more importantly, a great, long and healthy life.

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