Former Boston Red Sox Pitcher Josh Beckett Rips Media & Fans

Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett
Former Red Sox Josh Beckett ripped Boston media and fans.
It smacked of a mixture of paranoia, sour grapes and damaged ego as former Red Sox ace Josh Beckett offered harsh words for Boston Red Sox fans and media. Beckett, who was part of the 2007 Red Sox World Championship team, was quoted in Rob Bradford’s ( column. Today, Beckett may be thinking he wished he had remained silent.

Beckett’s Comments

Beckett’s comments were laced with anger as he warned, “It’s just a matter of time before they get you, basically. And that’s unfortunate. I think [Jon] Lester knows that. I think Clay Buchholz knows that. Your time will come.”

He said that people misunderstood how he felt. The former Red Sox pitcher noted, “You want to pitch good. It wasn’t working out. There’s times I wish I could have been more consistent.”

2012 Performance Reality

Okay, let’s be real about Beckett’s performance this past season. When he left Boston for Los Angeles, he was 5-11. Beckett was sporting a 5.23 ERA. He became a gopher ball pitcher, allowing 16 homers this season.

He seemed to not care at all, and then fans really got angry when Beckett was scratched from a start and decided to go golfing. He was a train wreck.

Oddest Accusations

It was strange to me that Beckett said that he felt certain fans wanted him to fail and that they enjoyed his struggles. He also felt that the media reveled in it. Really, Josh? Maybe you have it backwards.

People actually wanted you to succeed. But you continuously disappointed them. Remember your abysmal 5-11 record and your bulging ERA that topped 5.00? That is the reality. People were on your side but you never got it together and the fact is you were pretty darn terrible.

No one wanted you to stink and I don’t think any Boston fans enjoyed it. But they were extremely disappointed by your season. How do you expect them to react?

Beckett Warning

The Beckett warning to Lester and Buchholz is typical of people who have failed and feel they have been wronged. Someone like Beckett is trying to keep a bond with former teammates and by creating an “us” (pitchers) against “them” (media and fans) attitude. If that makes Beckett feel better about himself, then I guess that’s good for him. But the fact is although Beckett may feel betrayed he was not. If anything, we might say that Beckett’s performance for the Red Sox this season and his recent comments are both a betrayal of those who believed in him most—Red Sox fans.

I wish Josh Beckett nothing but success with the Dodgers. I wish he had been a success for the Red Sox in 2012.

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