Boston Red Sox Dodgers Mega Deal in the Works

"Adrian Gonzalez Boston Red Sox"
Boston Red Sox's Adrian Gonzalez looks to be part of a massive trade
Here’s the big question: is the deal Ben Cherington is engineering with the Dodgers of Los Angeles a great move for the Sox or a disastrous one? When I look at it I have two thoughts—“brilliant” or “dumb.” Cherington is looking to trade some of the biggest names on the team for guys that are prospects or possibly on the comeback trail. One thing is for sure I will no longer be able to say that Cherington is sitting around doing nothing. He is definitely doing something. But is that something worth doing?

The Deal

According to sources at ESPN and many other sources, the Boston Red Sox are set to deal Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford and Nick Punto. Now I know you’ve got to give something up to get something and I guess that major something that Cherington is giving up is Gonzalez. He has not had the best year, but of the four the Red Sox are dealing, he has shown that he still has a lot to offer.

The Red Sox are expected to get pitcher Rubby De La Rosa, first baseman James Loney and prospects Ivan De Jesus (infielder) and Jerry Sands (outfielder). Allen Webster, a right-handed, top prospect, may also be part of the deal.

Here’s the take on De La Rosa. The former Red Sox had Tommy John surgery about 13 months ago and just made his first start as a major leaguer on Wednesday. If he can stay healthy, it’s said that he can be dynamite.

Vets for Promise

Overall, the deal involves Boston Red Sox veterans for Dodgers with promise. In a way, I think this is a good deal for the Red Sox. They still have Pedroia, Ellsbury and Ortiz. Middlebrooks has shown some great stuff this season and Ciacio has been unbelievable.

It is a shock to see Gonzalez go as Boston traded two top prospects, first baseman Anthony Rizzo and pitcher Casey Kelly, for him. That deal was made in December 2010. In April 2011, Gonzalez signed a seven-year, $154 million extension. As part of that deal, he made $21 million this season. So, the Red Sox, in a short amount of time are saying, “Adrian, we made a mistake.”

Improved Pitching

I think the hope is in ditching Beckett and getting two possibly huge new arms the Red Sox are taking a major step forward towards solving their biggest problem of this season—pitching. Okay, if they can get Webster too, I like this deal a lot. You go, Big Ben Cherington, make it happen! The 2013 Red Sox are already looking like an exciting team.

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