Boston Red Sox Lose Slugfest and Sink Lower in Standings

"Fenway scoreboard Red Sox Angels"
The Fenway scoreboard had 14 runs on it after 3 innings.
If you love long ball (and who doesn’t?), then last night’s game at Fenway was your cup of Slugfest tea (the tea guaranteed to get you home). The final in 10 innings was the Angels 14 and Red Sox 13. The game was entertaining but the results were once again disappointing as the Red Sox dropped to 13.5 out of first and 8.5 out of the Wild Card. The Sox, who were swept by the Angels, have now lost four straight and are 3-7 in their last 10.

How Much Slugging?

There were five homers, six doubles and a total of 38 hits last night. A total of 14 pitchers appeared. There were 14 runs scored in the first three innings. The Red Sox were behind at that point 8-6.

The big hitters for the Red Sox batted 1, 2, 3. They were Ciriaco (4 of 6), Ellsbury (3 of 6) and Pedroia (4 of 6). Ciriaco scored four times while Ellsbury had 3 RBI and Pedroia 5.

Winning Hits

Kendrys Morales got his second RBI of the game when he homered in the 10th to notch the go-ahead run for the Angels. In that same inning, Vernon Wells doubled to drive in what would be the winning run.

In the bottom of the 10th inning with the Angels ahead by two runs, Pedroia got his fourth hit and fifth RBI of the game when he singled in Ciriaco. Gonzalez came up with two out and struck out to end the game.

Up Next?

The Red Sox will host the Kansas City Royals this weekend. The Royals are 55-68 and the Red Sox are 59-66. Kansas City, like Boston, is out of the race. So it’s basically two teams playing out the string.

It will be interesting to watch how Bobby Valentine handles the team and if he can get them to do more than just get through the necessary steps. I also want to see how he deals with the pitching staff, interacts with players and talks to the press. I’m on watch to see if there are any signs regarding Valentine’s demise, as the final weeks of the season are winding down.

What’s New with the Sox?

Two new things have come up. First let’s go to the good news. David Ortiz may return to the batter’s box tonight. It will be great to have him hitting again. Other news—the Dodgers are showing an interest in Adrian Gonzalez. It could mean a trade, salary dump or nothing at all.

One thing is for certain, there’s always something interesting going on with this Red Sox team despite the fact that they are out of contention. What’s new? Wait a minute and I’m sure something will happen.

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