Red Sox Players Ditch Pesky Funeral but Go to Beckett Bowl

"Boston Red Sox Trot Nixon"
Trot Nixon always has his hat rolled up in his back pocket. See it?
I’ve got to wonder about this Boston Red Sox team. Just when you thought they couldn’t do anything worse, they do something…well…worse. The late Johnny Pesky was laid to rest on Monday at 11 am and only four current Red Sox players showed up

President Larry Lucchino noted that the team got back from New York at 4 am and seemed willing to give them a Mulligan for not showing up. That’s nice of Larry, but the team did not have a game on Monday night and just about all of them showed up for the annual Beckett Bowl and country music show held at Lucky Strike Lanes and the House of Blues. (You remember Beckett, he’s the guy who couldn’t pitch one day, missing a start but was able to play golf? Yeah, there’s a gamer.) And how old are these guys? Aren’t they in their prime physically? Shouldn’t they be able to deal with a lack of sleep? Maybe they are fit physically but emotionally they have the maturity of a gnat.

Who Made It

Four current Red Sox made the funeral—David Ortiz, pitchers Clay Buchholz and Vincente Padilla and catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia. That was it. The other 36 where were they? Maybe they were having breakfast at Denny’s.
Others on-hand included Lucchino, Red Sox owner John Henry and his wife, Linda, Sox CEO Sam Kennedy and GM Ben Cherington. There were other front office personnel there too. Nomar Garciaparra made it from California and others in attendance included Jim Rice, Bill Lee, Jerry Moses and Mike Andrews. Oh, yes, and Trot Nixon was there too!

Trot Nixon Class Act

Remember Nixon? He was a true dirt dog. Remember how he used to role his cap up in his back pocket when he was at bat and when he took it out it was so gnarly and all scrunched up? The guy got dirtier than Pig Pen when he played. Nixon offered some insights to the Boston Herald.

Nixon said, ““I look back and it’s not just him being on the field and hitting ground balls, but how he carried himself and how much he cared for all the ballplayers, whether you were at the major league level or in the minor league level.” He added, “Everybody that worked in the organization, from the highest level down to guys working in the clubhouse, he generally cared for everyone and loved the game of baseball. He was a fantastic ambassador. I loved Johnny.”

Utter Disappointment

I don’t know about you, but I utterly disappointed in the manner in which the team snubbed Johnny Pesky. Pesky deserved better. Her deserved it because he was a real ballplayer, unlike so many of the guys on this Red Sox team. Too tired to go to Johnny’s funeral but not too tired to go the Beckett’s shindig? Well, guys, you showed your true colors and sadly it ain’t Red. Thanks to the guys who showed up. Hey don’t you miss Trot Nixon? I do.

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