Boston Red Sox Play Yankees in the Bronx This Weekend

Jason Varitek takes on Alex Rodriguez
Ah, the good old days! Varitek slaps down Rodriguez.
It’s usually a huge series when the Boston Red Sox venture to the Bronx to play the New York Yankees during the last part of the MLB season. Well, that series is still huge but probably for very different reasons than in the past. A lot of what happens this weekend may determine what occurs after the season ends and next season.

There are three series left with the Yankees with each being three games. Two are in the Bronx and the middle one is at Fenway. The Red Sox will finish the season at Yankee Stadium playing their final three games from October 1st through the 3rd. The Yankees will go on to the playoffs and the Red Sox players will go to their respective golf courses and charity events.

Red Sox Starters

The Red Sox start Franklin Morales (3 W-3 L, 3.29 ERA) in game one tonight. He’ll be followed by Jon Lester (6 W -10 L, 5.20 ERA) on Saturday and Josh Beckett (5 W- 10 L, 5.19 ERA) on Sunday. The main thing I would look for here is the action between pitches. In other words, how does Bobby Valentine interact with and treat his starters. No one is expecting much from the pitching staff and the real drama will be the continuing soap opera starring the Boston Red Sox manager and starters.


The Red Sox bats heated up last night with the two through five spots all having a multi-hit night. If you’re watching this weekend series, I imagine you’ll be especially interested in the hitters since they have been the main cause for excitement this season. It would be great of Ortiz was back in the lineup. But Ortiz is nursing an Achilles. He will try to take batting practice today if he feels up to it, but Big Papi is still on the DL.

That Valentine Fight

It will be interesting to see how animated and passionate Bobby Valentine is about the team. Will he mix it up with the umps, argue to the point of being tossed and show some verve for the team? Is he still into managing the Red Sox and making them winners or is he phoning it in and preparing to be fired? If anything, it’s time for this team to save some face and Valentine can be a big part of that. Getting beat in the Bronx is one thing but getting humiliated is another. Stay tuned, Red Sox fans!

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