Boston Red Sox Win and Larry Lucchino Chimes In on Valentine

"Larry Lucchino, Red Sox President"
Larry Lucchino said today that Bobby Valentine would be manager through the season.
These days when you write about the Boston Red Sox you end up writing about the team’s losing woes and Bobby Valentine and his status. It’s as if you can’t write about one without the other; they are that connected. Well, today’s blog is about the Red Sox winning and a vote of confidence for Bobby Valentine from the front office.

Red Sox Avoid Sweep

The Red Sox beat the Orioles 6-3 behind a solid eight-inning performance by starter Clay Buccholz (11-3, 4.19 ERA). Buccholz gave up three runs in the first two innings and then shutdown Baltimore. Crawford, Pedroia, Gonzalez and Ross, batting two through five, all has multi-hit nights. The team is three games under .500 and six games out of the Wild Card.

Lucchino on Valentine

In an interview with John Dennis on WEEI radio, Red Sox president Larry Lucchino was asked if Bobby Valentine would be the Red Sox manager for the rest of this season. He replied simply, “Yes.”

Lucchino also said that for the Red Sox to make the playoffs this year it would be a major and amazing comeback, that the media was to blame to a degree for blowing the Valentine controversy out of proportion and that the front office was deeply invested in the team.

Next Year?

Perhaps Lucchino’s most interesting comments related to next season. In discussing next year, Lucchino noted, “I think we will see an improved culture next year. If it’s broke, we’ll fix it.” He also stood up and took his share of the responsibility for what happened this season, noting, “As I took pride in my share of the responsibility of the success we’ve had over the last 10 years, I take my share of the responsibility (for the struggles) as well.

The Red Sox president also intimated that things may certainly change during the offseason. His comments seemed to cover players and coaches.

“But it’s our job, my job, Ben (Cherington’s) job, John (Henry’s) job, Tom (Werner’s) job, people who are blessed with the responsibility to operate this team and be stewards of this team, to bring it back. If that means bringing more youth in the clubhouse, we will do that.” Then in a possible reference to Valentine, Lucchino observed, “If that means making some changes in the uniformed personnel we will do that.”

Uniformed personnel could be players but the term also covers coaches and the manager. One observation you can make about this season is it may not be a winner but it sure is an interesting one.

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