Tukkaa Time as Boston Bruins New #1 Goaltender Rask No Risk

"Boston Bruin goalie Tukkaa Rask"
Bruin goalie Tukkaa Rask should have the job covered this season.
Tim Thomas will not be playing for the Bruins this season. In fact, the highly political Tomas will probably never play for the Bruins again. That means that 25-year-old Tukkaa Rask will be the go to guy in goal for the Boston Bruins this season. Is that good news? I think it is. Here’s why I feel Rask is no risk in goal.


Rask has been in the NHL since 2005 and came to the Bruins in the Andrew Raycroft trade in 2006. In that time, he’s been able to gain some important perspective. Here’s Rask’s take on what has gone down.

On playing in the NHL and starting, Rask said, “All my life, pretty much, it’s been a goal. I played some games my first year consistently. But the year after, there was a kind of a step back playing-wise. I have been waiting a few years now and it’s going to be interesting to see how I handle it. It’s going to be a challenge, but I am always up for a challenge and I’ve got to make the most of it.”

Rask understands the job is not his unless he’s up for the challenge. That’s good.


Rask does not have a whole lot of NHL experience but he does have some. In five seasons with the Bruins, the goalie has played on 102 games starting 92 and going 47-35. His GAA average 2.20 is and save percentage stands at .926. Those are decent stats.

He has also played over 100 games for the Providence Bruins and over 80 for Finland. Of course, the true test, as it is for any NHL goalie will be his ability to play consistently fine hockey and to let go of last night’s loss (something Thomas did so well).

Hunger Game

The third factor working in Rask’s favor is that he is hungry for the game. He has been waiting to be the starter and it looks like his time has come. I cannot imagine him squandering this great opportunity with the Bruins.

Rask will bring hunger, experience and perspective to the Boston Garden ice. He’ll certainly be ready to go as for the first time since he arrived in Boston there’s no doubt that he’s the number one guy in the crease. Now let’s hope the CBA is finalized soon so that Rask, the Bruins and NHL fans are assured of enjoying a full 82-game season.

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