Former Celtic Ray Allen Says Goodbye and Hello, Hello

"Former Celtic Ray Allen "
Former Celtic Ray Allen now in Heat.
Former Boston Celtic Ray Allen first said “goodbye” to the Boston Celtics before saying “hello” to the Miami Heat. Allen left the Celtics after five years and one championship to play for the current NBA champs. In a league where one player can make a huge difference, the fact that Pat Riley and the Heat now have the 36-year-old Allen on their roster is a big deal.

Are You Perplexed?

Are you perplexed by the Ray Allen deal? I am to a degree but then again what’s to be done? Nothing will change it. Allen, who is 36, was hotly pursued by the Heat and that certainly helped lure the mega-shooter to the land of James, Wade and Bosh. (It may sound like a law firm, but it’s closer to a wrecking crew.)

Allen has a $9 million three-year deal. Do the math. That takes him to the golden age of 39. Not a bad deal especially with the prospect of another NBA championship in his future. So, I’m not perplexed by his move when all things are considered.

Writing on the Wall

What may have made Allen go turn in the Celtic Green and Boston winters and don the Miami colors and travel to the land where the sun shines through the pouring rain may have been the handwriting on the wall. In other words, as the young guys came in it became more and more apparent to Allen that he would probably be used less and less. That’s not easy for any player to take, but for someone like Allen it is very difficult.

We Will Meet Again

The NBA is one of the most selective leagues in the world. The rosters are small and very few players ever get to step on an NBA court and play. Of course even though Ray Allen is no longer a Boston Celtic we will be seeing a lot of him.

I expect along with the regular season series, these two teams have a good chance of meeting once again in the playoffs. There will be a lot of hype, a lot of “what ifs,” (especially if the Celtics lose to the Heat and Allen plays a role) and a lot of rehashing of history. In the end, however, there will simply be the facts and stats and those two things, relating to what Allen does versus the man who became his nemesis, Rondo, will be what many of us will refer to when it comes to what the Celtics lost and gained this year when Allen went to the Heat.

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