Red Sox Win 2 Straight, Sox Brass Heart Valentine

"Boston Red Sox Carl Crawford slides home"
Boston Red Sox Carl Crawford gets down and dirty in the Red Sox win. He went 2 for 4.
The Boston Red Sox are on a roll. Well, least they are off the streak of loses that was driving everyone to distraction. After beating the Twins 6-4 in the final game of that series on Sunday, the hosted the Texas Rangers and promptly thumped them 9-2. Boston started Aaron Cook (3-5) who put in seven solid innings giving up 6 hits and 1 run.

Bats at Fenway

The Red Sox bats were hot at Fenway as the team managed to accumulate 14 hits. Although they had no homers, the BoSox hitters hammered 4 doubles. The top four in the line up were impressive as Ellsbury went 3-5, Crawford 2-4, Pedroia 3-4 and Gonzalez 3-5. Those four had 11 of the 14 Red Sox hits and 8 of 9 RBI. Pedroia and Gonzalez each got 3 RBI.

Meanwhile Nelson Cruz was the big bat for the Rangers with three hits in four at bats. Five hits were scattered amongst eight other batters with Adrian Beltre hitting his 19th homer.

BoSox Brass Stand by Their Man

GM Ben Cherington and owner John Henry have both told the press that they fully support manager Bobby Valentine. With the team at 55-55 and with 52 games left in the season, the two came out separately in support of the beleaguered manager.

One reason for the response and thumbs up for Valentine had to do with an incident last week. Valentine criticized an unnamed player for going above his head to Red Sox management to complain about how the skipper was treating Will Middlebrooks. Valentine tends to be vocal about issues and players. As an example, he has repeatedly made remarks about Kevin Youkilis when and after he was with the team.

Valentine Responds to Support

True to his nature, Valentine responded to the support he received from Cherington and Henry in a interesting manner. His remarks were couched in negative positivism.

Valentine said, “I regret that they had to do it. If our record was better, they wouldn’t have to do it. Totally appreciated, though. They felt it was necessary. They think it was good for the guys.”

Once again, Bobby had to say more than he should have. A simple, “Thanks, great to hear,” would have been appropriate. But Valentine bringing in the “if” and “wouldn’t have to” was unneeded and, as he has done in the past, he’s made something that might have been positive negative by making excuses for Cherington and Henry’s statements.

I don’t think the guy will ever learn to simply say, “Thank you.” Let’s hope for another win from the team.

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