Boston Red Sox Update

"Boston Red Sox starter Jon Lester"
Boston Red Sox starter Jon Lester sits dejected.
I wish this Boston Red Sox update could be more promising. It looked good for a while this week as the Sox took the first two against the Detroit Tigers after beating the New York Yankees two of three in the Bronx. But then everything started to unravel again. Here’s what happened.

Tigers Oh, My!

Aaron Cook (2-5) started for the Red Sox. He allowed 6 runs in 4.2 innings and gave up two home runs in the fifth. Those were back-to-back round trippers to Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder. The final score was 7-5.

The best news of the game was Gonzalez, as he continued to hit. He’s at .300 and went 2 for 3 and also walked once. However, the rest of the team was fairly flat and it’s evident that the Red Sox need David Ortiz back badly.

Twin Wins!

The header above says “Twin Wins” but maybe it should read “Twins Win.” Either way, it has the same meaning, two wins for the Minnesota Twins while visiting Fenway Park. The Twins came into Boston 44-60. They are a team the Red Sox should be annihilating. But that’s not happening.

The first game saw John Lester (5-9) give up 3 runs on 7 hits. Not a bad performance as he pitched 8 innings. But the Red Sox could manage just 2 hits against the Twins who started Samuel Deduno (3-0). Deduno went six innings. Twin relief gave up no hits. The final score was 5-0.

The second game was hit-fest as the two teams totaled 27 hits. A total of 12 pitchers were used as the Red Sox lost in 10 by a score of 6-5. By the way, the Twins had 3 errors and yet the Sox could not win. Padilla lost in relief. It was a hugely disappointing game.

Now What?

The Twins have two more games at Fenway. The Red Sox are at 53-54. They have lost three straight and are 4.5 games out of the Wild Card. Detroit and Tampa Bay are ahead of Boston for the Wild Card. They are just one-half game out of the Wild Card. Baltimore is also ahead of the Red Sox as they are 1.5 games out of a playoff spot.

But these standings mean little for a team like the Red Sox who can’t seem to crack .500. Bobby Valentine has said that the team that gets hot at the end will be in the payoffs. But if that team is at .505, I’m not sure if the playoffs will be very meaningful. It’s the Twins on Saturday and Sunday. Let’s win two!

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