Liking the Boston Red Sox, Buchholz, Pedroia, Middlebrooks

"Dustin Pedroia Homerun for Boston Red Sox"
Dustin Pedroia celebrates his home run for the Boston Red Sox.
What was there NOT to like on Monday as the Boston Red Sox started their longest home stand of the season, which included 3 games versus the Tigers and 10 games total. The Tigers came into Fenway having gone 6-2 on the road in Cleveland and Toronto. Although the Red Sox were 3-5 in the same timespan, they came into Fenway after taking the Yankee series 2-1. That was a big deal.

Red Sox Win

There was a lot of good news regarding the Red Sox on Monday. First, starter Clay Buchholz put in 8 quality innings. He gave up 5 hits and 2 earned runs (3 total) and left the game ahead 7-3 (which was the final score). Buchholz had some very fine run support too.

Dustin Pedroia had a 2-run homer in the sixth and Middlebrooks notched another 2-run round tripper in the eighth. Eight of nine starters had at least one hit. There are a lot of Red Sox bats hovering between .280 and .300. That is good news. Plus, relief was strong.

News From Fenway

Although I noted in an earlier blog that Josh Beckett was on the trade block, news from ESPN, which originally reported the Red Sox were looking to trade the starter, now says that he will not be traded. Is that good news? Probably. He should have some quality starts ahead of him. Plus, it would have been difficult for Boston to get any value for him with his season being so inconsistent. By the way, it was Red Sox GM Ben Cherington noted that Beckett was not going to be traded.

Midweek Red Sox

It’s now Tuesday, which is not midweek but it is the cusp of midweek. Tomorrow, the underachiever Josh Beckett (5-9) will start for the Red Sox against the consistent Justin Verlander (11-6). Well, each game becomes bigger. It would be great if Beckett could put in a quality start. It would be even better if he could win.

This is the time for a quality baseball team like the Boston Red Sox to take control and become masters pf their destiny. At this point the Red Sox have timely hitting, solid starting pitching and fine relief. I think overall they are better than the Tigers but they must prove it on the field. Let’s do it again tonight. Nice job Monday, guys!

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