Pretty Good as Boston Red Sox Go Extra Innings and Beat Yanks

"Boston manager Bobby Valentine is tossed from NY game"
Boston manager Bobby Valentine tosses his gum as he's thrown out of the Yankee game.

It was a pretty good weekend in New York for the Red Sox. Yes, it was pretty good, pretty, pretty good. There are various reasons why I liked this weekend and some of it has to do with winning, some losing and some with moving. Here’s a list of what I liked and why!

Pretty Good Weekend in NY

It was a pretty good weekend as the Boston Red Sox managed to do some pretty good things in the Big Apple. Here’s a quick list of what they did.

My Fave Things

  1. Took 2 of 3 from the Yankees
  2. Lost the first and then won 2
  3. Won in extra innings to take rubber game
  4. Bobby Valentine got thrown out just before they won Sunday!
  5. News surfaced that Beckett may be traded (Cherington is DOING SOMETHING!)
  6. The Red Sox went back in Boston
  7. Beat Yanks without Ortiz

What’s It Mean

What’s it all mean besides the fact that I am feeling pretty good? I’m not sure overall what it means, but here’s what it means to me.

The Boston Red Sox did not give up. They got hammered by the Texas Rangers and then on Friday humiliated by the Yankees. Then they won on Saturday 8-6 and in extra innings on Sunday night 3-2. That was a nationally televised game.

Manager Valentine got tossed just before the Red Sox went ahead in that third game. I like that! I love the fact that he showed the team that he has passion and was going to fight for them. Valentine gave it to the Blue and got tossed. Nice job!

Cherington is trying to move Josh Beckett. Good move if you can get some value. Beckett just does not seem to care and he’s been undisciplined. If Cherington can make a decent deal with Beckett in the mix, I’m liking him a lot too.

Boston is back in Beantown. That’s great as they go up against the Tigers who are ahead of them in the Wild card. They are three games behind Detroit. They can make up some ground over the next three days. Ortiz missed the road trip. I was glad to see the Red Sox could beat New York without him

You know, I think this weekend in New York was better than pretty good. Much better. It was damn good. A hot damn good weekend in New York!

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