Patriots’ Belichick, Jets’ Rex Ryan and QB Tebow All in One Day

"Tim Tebow New York Jets QB"
Tim Tebow found it better going in Denver.
Bill Belichick was reserved when talking about making judgments on players; Rex Ryan was vocal about the New England Patriots while backup QB Tim Tebow was getting vocal razzing from Jets “fans.” Interesting Friday, as the Patriots and all NFL teams started to gear up for the 2012 season.

Belichick Low Key

In talking with reporters, coach Belichick was low-key. He said it was too early to make judgments about anyone.

Coach Bill observed, “I think when you get to training camp, you try to keep from making minute-to-minute evaluations on anybody. You look at a body of work and I would expect everybody after the first day to get a little bit more refined, get a little bit better timing, get a little bit better football playing — anticipation, execution, and all that. We’ll see how that goes after a few days.”

It was typical Belichick, believing in the process of training camp and patiently waiting to see where it might lead.

Rex Ryan

Meanwhile, coach Rex Ryan was talking to reporters when one started a question by noting that the Jets could be playing for second place in the division, as the Pats look to be the favorites. That got Ryan going.

“Do I respect New England and the fact that New England has won our division a zillion times? The three years I’ve been here, they’ve won it all three years — and I don’t think it’s been close,” the coach said. “But … I will never back down and concede to anything. When you talk about conceding the division … yeah, right. Not me. There’s no chance here. Not with the Jets.”

Of course he won’t concede. But the from 2009- 2011, the New York Jets were one, three and five games behind the Patriots. They’ve been going backwards.

Sanchez Vs. Tebow

So starting Jets QB Mark Sanchez and designated backup QB Tim Tebow both practiced on Friday. Although they were fairly equal in performance on the field (Tebow had a bit of an edge), they were not equal in the eyes of fans. Tebow got razzed and heckled by some Jets fans at practice. Welcome to New York, Mr. Tebow.

Personally, I like the whole Tebow thing and believe it can really turn into a major distraction. I also like Ryan’s obsession with the Pats. Both of these things will make this season extra fun for Patriots fans.

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