Boston Red Sox Looking for Hitters?

"Boston Red Sox outfielder Carl Crawford"
Might Carl Crawford be trying on another new hat?
With the trade deadline fast approaching, there’s a lot of talk. I took a look at possible pitcher trades the other day for the struggling Red Sox. Today I’m checking out the hitters.

Red Sox Trading

Two names are at the top of the list—Carl Crawford and Kelly Shoppach. Crawford, who came off the disabled list about 10 days ago, immediately went to the top of the trade list. But here’s the deal breaker (two actually)—his batting average and salary. He’s batting under .250. Would you pay $142 million for him? Neither would I. But the Marlins were said to be considering swapping Hanley Ramirez and pitcher Heath Bell for Crawford and a prospect for Crawford. Ben Cherington, I have one thing to say about that—TAKE IT!

The Mets are looking for a good backup catcher and guess who has one? The Red Sox do. Kelly Shoppach could go to the Mets. Not sure what we would get? But with the Shoppach move Boston would bring up Triple-A backstop Ryan Lavarnway.


There are three possibilities that have been mentioned. They are Gerardo Parra, Alfonso Soriano and Coco Crisp. Here’s a look at each one.

Parra, who is with the Diamondbacks, is a solid outfielder. He is hitting .281 with six homers, 28 RBI and 11 stolen bases. He was more of a consideration when Ellsbury and Crawford were both out. Now he’s less of one. I’d love to have him here.

Alfonso Soriano may be leaving the Cubs. His name has been mentioned over the years in trades with the Red Sox. Soriano is hitting .271 with 18 homers and 56 RBIs. Theo Epstein, now the Cubs GM, might do a deal with Red Sox GM. I’m not convinced Soriano is worth it.

The Oakland A’s Coco Crisp ain’t hitting much but he can field and he’s a good base runner. Not a starter but a good bench guy. He may be worth it in the depth department.

Not Much There

There’s not much being offered in the hitting/fielding area. Ichiro is with the Yankees now. That was a major move. A three-way deal of some sort may work but I’ve got to say that there seems to be very little for which to deal.

The Red Sox need to concentrate on starting pitching. That’s the first thing. And they have to get the team focused. At the All-Star break I called for Morgan Magic. At this point, I just want the guys in charge to take charge.

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