Boston Red Sox Need to Make Some Changes Now!

"Matt Garza of the Cubs"
The Cubs are looking to deal and Garza might be available.
Okay, if it’s not clear by now that the Red Sox need to make some changes and fast, I’m not sure when it will be. After tonight’s game, the Red Sox are now 1 game under .500 as they lost to the Texas Rangers behind Felix Doubront (10-5) 9-1.

Red Sox starting pitching is in a shambles, the hitting is inconsistent and the bench is thin. Bobby Valentine looks bewildered and G.M. Ben Cherington seems to be in over his head. What’s a Red Sox fan to do? Well, I think we should all play G.M. So that’s what I’m going to do.

Pitching Trades

With the trade deadline about one week away, here are some possible ideas. Pitching is first.

Josh Johnson of the Miami Marlins has been mentioned. He is 6-7 with an ERA of 4.14. He’s dealing with an irritation on his right middle finger. This might be a good addition.

Cubs’ starter Ryan Dempster, who is 5-4 with a 2.11 ERA in 15 starts, looks promising. Here’s the problem—the Atlanta Braves are close to sealing a deal for Dempster.

Francisco Liriano is a lefty with the Twins. Although he’s 3-10 and sports a 5.13 ERA, he did garner interest when he notched 15 strikeouts vs. the Oakland A’s in a loss on July 13th . Other teams interested include the Los Angeles Angels, New York Yankees, NY Mets, Toronto Blue Jays and Atlanta Braves.

Finally, Matt Garza, with the Cubs, could be a good fit with the Red Sox. Garza has a 3.91 ERA in 103 2/3 innings pitched. He had a career year last season.

The Red Sox might move Lester out the door and/or some prospects.

What Will Happen?

Here’s my take, I feel like the Red Sox are being out moved and positioned as they head towards the trade deadline. I doubt that they will get much in starting pitching. If they can move Lester, that would be great.

I like Garza and I think they have a shot at him. As far as starters go, I think that Johnson may be their best bet. I doubt that Liriano will be able to do the job in Boston. The Boston Red Sox need something to bolster their pitching. I’m not sure if there’s anyone on the block who will make a big enough difference.

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