We may not be thrilled with Bobby Valentine’s handling of the Sox pitching staff and clubhouse this season but we’re willing to get behind his foray into movie-making. “Pelotero” documents the lead-up to the signing date for international 16 year-olds and doesn’t back away from the unscrupulous behavior by some Major League Baseball representatives. One of the players profiled, Miguel Santo, has his age repeatedly questioned (a means that big league scouts often to use to lower a player’s contract, signing bonus or both) by the Pittsburgh Pirates’ Rene Gayo, who eventually offers this subtle threat: sign with the Pirates and the investigation goes away. If not, the investigation will never be cleared. MLB reps have been outspoken in their criticism of the film telling the Boston Globe, “The film has inaccuracies and misrepresentation and does not reflect the current status of operations in the Dominican Republic. Major League Baseball has undertaken a wide variety of measures and invested ample resources toward the improvement of the game’s operations in the Dominican Republic,” as well as putting the kibosh on a planned Q & A with Valentine (who doesn’t appear in the film) following its opening at the Coolidge Corner Theatre last week.

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