One Of Boston’s Most Iconic Pizza Joints: Santarpio’s

What can we say about Santarpio’s that hasn’t been said before except that if you don’t know about this treasure in Eastie then you don’t know what you’re missing!  Santarpio’s Pizza (which also has a location in Peabody) has been winning accolades and praise locally for years but for the uninitiated the ambience might be the secret ingredient.  The oddly configured room is sparsely decorated but huge on attitude; this is a no frills, “Real Boston,” location from the staff to the clientele to the menu (which to our shock recently expanded to include such “non-traditional” toppings as chicken and broccoli, though the website does not reference them so it might just be a trial run). Located within a stone’s throw of Logan, it’s not uncommon to see flight crews filling a delay with this standout fare.  The skewer appetizers, particularly the homemade sausage, are the perfect way to start and the cherry peppers are a spicy burst of flavor.  We could not recommend them more highly as a pizza topping as well, but we have never gone wrong with any of the particulars that swim in Santarpio’s delicious sauce atop a perfectly crispy crust.
111 Chelsea Street
East Boston, MA 02128
Open from Monday – Saturday: 11:30AM to Midnight, Sunday: Noon – Midnight

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