To Do In Boston: TV & Movie Sites Tour

Ever since the Massachusetts Film Tax Credit gave filmmakers a financial incentive to shoot in the Bay State there has been a seemingly constant stream of Teamsters, trailers and technicians rolling in and out.  For anyone curious about the locales for some of the better known scenes shot in the Commonwealth the Boston TV and Movie Sites Tour is for you.  Available as either a walking or bus tour, the Sites Tour happens from Thursday to Sunday with the bus running year round while the walking tour is summer seasonal.  Among the highlights are enjoying a drink at Southie’s L Street Tavern, as the lads in “Good Will Hunting” did, visiting some ten different locations from, “The Departed,” including the building from the climactic rooftop scene and of course, a stop at the Bull & Finch Pub, known nationally as the facade of Sam Malone’s “Cheers.”  The 90 minute walking tour will set you back $24 while the bus tour, which includes video of location specific scenes, costs $40 and lasts around three hours.
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