Birthday Boy Boston Red Sox GM Cherington on Sox & Winning

"Ben Cherington and Bobby Valentine Boston Red Sox"
Cherington and Valentine need to get the Boston Red Sox on track.
It’s Friday the 13th and Red Sox GM Ben Cherington took some time today to talk with reporters about the team. By the way, tomorrow is Ben the GM’s birthday. He will be 38. Happy B-Day! But more to the point, what is Cherington’s take on the Red Sox. Here are a few of his observations and ideas regarding the team. He was in St. Petersburg, Florida, when he answered questions.

Are the Red Sox Good?

Of course they are and Cherington noted, “We’ve been saying for a while that we feel like we have a good team here, but at some point you have to show it on the field and the reality is we’re at .500 the day after the All-Star break.” The GM added, “We have good players that have been playing. We have good players on the way back who are getting healthy.”

That true but how well will any of these guys play and can they become a team. Here’s who is about to be on deck for the BoSox. Pitcher Clay Buchholz returns tomorrow. Jacoby Ellsbury and Carl Crawford may be ready to play by Monday. Look for Dustin Pedroia to be back in the line up in about one week. Having all four of these players can make a huge difference. At least, the potential is there.

No Fire Sale

By the way, don’t expect Cherington to start dumping players. He noted, “I don’t think blowing it up makes sense for where we are. There’s a lot of talent on the team” He observed, “We’re right in the thick of the wild card chase. We’ve played very well since the beginning of May aside from the last week. I just think it would be foolish to start doing things that got in the way of giving us a chance this year. We’ll see how it goes. Like I said, we have to play well. We have to start winning games.”

Truer words were never spoke, the Red Sox do need “to start winning games.”

Heat is On

In his first full season as Red Sox GM, Cherington certainly finds himself in the hot seat. He is pretty cool there (he needs to be). He has in no way blown it, but he’s also no great shakes. I think he needs another a season or so before some sort of judgment can be made on his work.

If I had to give him a grade, it will be C+. If you think that’s harsh, I’m giving the Sox a D and Bobby Valentine a D+. It’s Cherington who said that you couldn’t keep making excuses for injuries. I agree. So there are no Mulligans in my grading system for them.

Earlier in the week, Red Sox brass and management, including Cherington, had their annual midseason meeting to discuss the team. I wonder if Henry, Werner, Lucchino and Valentine asked Cherington what he wanted for his 38th birthday?

I think I know what his answer might have been. “A winning streak makes a nice gift.” (Much better than candlesticks) Do it, guys! Win a string for Ben the GM. Make his birthday a happy and memorable one.

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