Red Sox Management Meet Behind Closed Doors

"Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine"
Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine is feeling some heat from Bud Selig.
There is no rest for the weary and the Red Sox brass must certainly be weary. Sure Boston is in last place in the AL East, but they are only 2.5 games out of the Wild Card. That is hard to believe but true. The meeting is held annually, so it was not one of those we’ve got to circle up the wagons type of things—no emergency here. It sounds like it was a fairly common middle of the season powwow.

Who’s On First

More so, it’s not who’s on first but who was at the head of the table? I imagine it was one of the owners but you never can tell. Those in attendance included owners John Henry and Tom Werner, president Larry Lucchino, general manager Tom Cherington and manager Bobby Valentine. Apparently, everything was on the table for discussion.

Probably the biggest decisions to be made will concern the roster, as players like Jacoby Ellsbury and others come off the DL. Also discussed were possible trades. It’s doubtful that the Red Sox will try to deal any of their big names. They are still in the hunt for a playoff spot and that means trying to stabilize a roster of stars and up-and-coming stars as players rejoin the team. But minor league players may be dealt if Boston can get another relief pitcher or a solid hitter.

Valentine a Film Star?

We don’t know if this was a subject of discussion at the meeting but apparently MLB commissioner Bud Selig has sent a memo to the Boston Red Sox concerning Bobby Valentine and his involvement in a film that’s about to premiere. The Associated Press reports that Selig has complained to the Red Sox about the manager’s involvement in a movie that exposes how MLB has exploited young Dominican prospects.

The movie, which opens Friday and features Valentine, is entitled Ballplayer: Pelotero, and it focuses on corruption in the process of signing Dominican amateurs.

Comments from Selig & Others

In a Q&A with the Baseball Writers’ Association of America, Selig noted on Tuesday, “I expressed our concerns to Red Sox ownership and that was it. What they did from there is up to them.” The baseball commissioner also commented, “There were a lot of things that were inaccurate.”

According to MLB many of the claims made by and issues raised in the movie, which was filmed in 2009, have been rectified. However, they stopped short of saying that it was an inaccurate portrayal of what was happening at that time or that all issues had been put to rest.

In a statement, MLB’s executive vice president of economics and league affairs said Rob Manfred said, “It doesn’t really reflect what’s happened in recent years in the Dominican”

Bobby Valentine Responds

In a text message, Valentine responded to the Associated Press by saying that he thought he would not respond. (If that makes any sense?) Be that as it may, there seems to have been more controversy regarding the Red Sox skipper as a film star than as a manager. All-Star game tonight, which has just one Red Sox (Ortiz) and it’s play ball for all again on Friday the 13th.

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