Sox Win on Kevin Youkilis Homerun!

"Red Sox and Yankees July 7, 2012
Red Sox had something to celebrate last night.
No that headline is not history. It happened yesterday. Of course, it was the Chicago White Sox who benefitted from Youkilis’ hitting and not the Boston Red Sox. In the past few weeks with Chicago, Youkilis has seen his batting average rise almost 20 points while his replacement, rookie Will Middlebrooks, who is day-to-day on the DL, has seen his drop almost 30.

After yesterday’s first game against the Yanks, I didn’t think anyone, including Youk, could help the Red Sox win. But the second game made me see that the guys from Boston are very capable of putting it all together.

Yankees/Red Sox Game 1

Not much to talk about concerning the home team. Well there are things to discuss. I guess it’s more accurate to say not much positive to talk about. The Yankees, who went ahead 4-0 in the first and won it 6-1, belted four round trippers in this game. Franklin Morales started for the Red Sox and gave up all 6 runs on just 6 hits in 3.1 innings. Justin Germano came in and pitched the rest of the game allowing the Yanks no runs on five hits. Germano—good news there. Also, the weather at Fenway Park was beautiful

Game 2 at Fenway

Felix Doubront (8-4, 4.47 ERA) started, which meant the home team had a chance of getting a win. Great weather again as the Yankees went ahead in the first (again). This time they scored 3 runs and nailed one homer. (Doesn’t anyone on this team single?) Playing at third for the BoSox, Mauro Gomez had his second error of the day, having made one in the first game, and making the Youk trade look even worse. Gomez had another error later in this game.

However, Gomez also has 3 hits, 1 RBI and scored twice. And that is a major part of the story of this second game. Boston Red Sox bats!

Bats of Boston

Ortiz continued to hit, going 2 for 4 while Adrian Gonzalez went 3 for 5 and extended his hitting streak to 18 games. He’s now hitting .284. Nick Punto was 2 for 4 but the big contributor was the number nine hitter—Pedro Ciriaco. He went 4 for 5 with 4 RBI and scoring twice.

Add to that an overall good performance by Felix Doubront (Boston’s unlikely ace is now 9-4 and proving to be a stopper) and you’ve got not just a Red Sox win but a massive display of firepower that makes the 4th of July at the Boston Esplanda look like a few sparklers and a half-dozen cherry bombs. The final was Boston 9 and New York 5.

One More to Go

The Red Sox finish off the series today and then they get a break. Splitting the series with the Yankees is possible. It was not the preferred outcome a few days ago but the reality is 7.5 games out looks a lot better than 9.5. In the Wild card they are 2.5 out. One more win will make everyone feel a little better and help me forget about Youk and what he might be doing for the Red Sox rather than the White.

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