Bronx Bombers Ignite to Scuttle Red Sox at Fenway

"New York Yankees beat Red Sox July 7, 2012"
The Yankees had something to celebrate last night.
The New York Yankees didn’t have an easy time of it at Fenway Park despite the fact that they got to Josh Beckett in the first inning. The Yanks scored 5 runs in the top of the first. Then in the bottom of the first, the Red Sox did the same. We had ourselves a barnburner! Matching runs scored for the two clubs in the second, making it 6 all. When Gomez singled to left and Gonzalez scored in the bottom of the fifth for Boston, I thought the Red Sox had a good chance to win the first game of this four-game series.

Top of 7th

The game was won by the Yankees and lost by the Red Sox in the top of the seventh, as New York scored four runs. First, Teixeira tripled to deep center, which scored Granderson and Rodriguez. Then Ibanez doubled to deep right and Teixeira scored. Finally, Chavez singled to left and Ibanez crossed the plate. It was 10-6. The Sox got one more run on a homer by Ross in the bottom of the seventh and then that’s all she wrote.

To Consider

Ortiz and Gonzalez each had three hits. The Red Sox threw out a runner at home and another trying to stretch a single to a double. Beckett hung in there despite a rough start. The Sox were in it for the whole game really and played well. All of the starters had at least one hit. Those are all good things, right? Okay, here are the things that are not good.

Top of the seventh, Miller comes in for the Sox in relief and gets one out while giving up 2 runs. Padilla then comes in and does the same drill. Neither gave a premium performance when needed. Also, the Red Sox roster is thin. Injuries have taken their toll. Still, that’s no excuse. Yes, the Yankees have hitters but Boston does too. In fact in that area they are fairly evenly matched.

Difference in the Game

The difference—relief pitching. It is as simple as that. The teams play a double header today. After last night’s game, the Red Sox dropped solidly into fourth as Tampa won. The Blue Jays are just a half-game below Boston. The Sox are 8.5 games out of first place. They have lost four straight. Someone needs to do something to right this ship. Skipper Valentine, any ideas?

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