Eat at Liberty Bell Roast Beef:

While Hollywood has led the nation to believe that Southie is some whiskey fueled, vendetta settling town of the the Irish side of the Wild West, in reality it is what it has always been; a tight-knit community within a major city.  And any food aficionado worth his salt (and pepper) knows that those are the spots to find delicious no frills fare.  Liberty Bell Roast Beef is just such a place.  Their location on West Broadway may as well have been time locked there, a minimum of tables in front of an expansive counter looking into the kitchen and a patio area which unfortunately weather didn’t allow us to enjoy.  From the expansive menu we settled on the “Big Beef” roast beef sandwich and fixed with the works it was fantastic.  Rich red roast beef on a roll that was so fresh that it acted as the perfect sponge for the barbecue sauce, onions, lettuce, horseradish, pickles and tomatoes that smothered the meat.  The “Escape to the Cape,” a specialty available as both a pizza, and a calzone, featuring scallops and bacon is already highly anticipated for our next visit.  Parking is available but be warned, they take a yearly vacation from August 11-26.
Liberty Bell Roast Beef
170 W. Broadway
South Boston, MA 02127
Open Monday-Saturday 11AM – 10PM

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