Will All Big 3 Celtics Stay in Boston?

"Garnett, Pierce and Allen the Celtic Big 3"
Will the Celtic Big 3 stay together? There's a good chance.
Just when you think he’s out, they keep pulling him back in. At least, I thought Ray Allen had his bags packed for Miami. But not so fast. If money talks then Allen won’t be doing any type of walk to another team. He will be staying in Boston and remaining a Celtic and that’s good news. It has to do with what I feel is one of the most complicated salary cap systems in the world- the NBA’s. I mean the US debt and the UK VAT tax combined are easier to figure out.

Three Teams Want Allen

It’s been reported that Ray Allen is the guy who the Miami Heat want to sign. Also, it recently came to light that the Minnesota Grizzlies are extremely interested in the star shooting guard. But here’s the skinny on the cash and the contract.

Miami can only offer Allen $3 million and the Grizzlies only have $5 million. The Celtics can offer him $6 million per season for two years- $12 million. Now maybe Allen will opt to go elsewhere. But why would he leave the Celtics to go to the Grizzlies? What even consider it? And is Miami that great of a choice for him?

Another Championship?

Plus, there’s the allure of winning another championship as a Celtic and as part of the Big Three (Part II). As a sharp shooter, Allen is a much-wanted commodity. His career stats have him shooting 45% from the field, 40% from three-point land and 89% from the foul line. Those are all great!

He is a shot making machine and although he can go cold at times (who doesn’t?) more times than not he’s simply golden from anywhere on the floor. And he’s a fine competitor. Allen is a player’s player.

Go Green!

I am hoping and believing that Allen will go with the Celtic Green once again. He’s had some of his best seasons with Boston and probably has a few more left in him. Losing him to the rival Heat would be very painful, and I’m sure he’d come back to hurt us. If he goes to the Grizzlies…well that’s just sort of innocuous.

So with the NBA Draft a done deal and KG signed, the Ray Allen watch, the last part of the puzzle for the 2012-2013 Boston Celtics, continues. I expect number 20, a 10-time NBA All-Star, to be back on the magic parquet of the Garden, thrilling the crowd as he helps cool down and take out the Miami Heat. That’s my hope, anyway.

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