Special Request for Red Sox to WIN

"Felix Doubront starting pitcher Boston Red Sox"
Red Sox pitcher Felix Doubront starts today. He's been pitching well.
I don’t know what’s going on with the Red Sox but the start of this West Coast swing has not been good. So far against Seattle, one of the worst teams in the majors, they are 1-2. They are still 6.5 games behind the Yanks and tied for third with the Tampa Bay. Although three games are small beans in a 162-game season if they miss the playoffs by one or two games they are going to look at these games against the Mariners when they got some fine pitching (for a change) and their bats went silent.


In seven days, since just before Youk was traded, his batting average has dipped 20 points. He’s made seven errors total this season. It gets a lot tougher when you’re the only guy at the corner for Boston and you’re also the rookie at the corner. I like Middlebrooks but, and I said this before, how much will Red Sox fans like him when things turn rough and he’s not producing, or he makes that major mental mistake or he bobbles the ball with bases load to allow a run to score?

Big Hitters?

Big Papi has been consistent for the Red Sox, keeping his average in the same spot. But I really think he just needs to stroke #400 out of the park to start getting the big hits again. I will give him this much in last night’s game in the top of the 10th tied 2-2, after Pedroia singled, Ortiz singled. The next batter struck out. Gonzalez hit into a fielder’s choice and with two out and men on first and third Middlebrooks grounded out for the third out. Gonzalez and, yes, Middlebrooks, had small performances in a big moment.

#5 and #6 Hitters

In both losses (both by one run), neither Gonzalez nor Middlebrooks have come through after Ortiz has managed to get on base with a hit. Each time those two hitters were responsible for the second and third outs of those important innings. And by the way in those innings the number four hitter, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, the Red Sox catcher and a career .246 hitter, has been the first out in each of those games. He’s hitting in the 250s.

Today’s Another Day

Okay Boston Red Sox fans, it is another day. The Sox, with Doubront (8-4) on the mound, will play Seattle (Vargas pitching at 7-7) one more time before going to Oakland. Let’s get a split against the worst team in the AL West before going to play the Oakland As, the second-worst team in the AL West. And Big Papi—let’s get #400!

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