David Ortiz Knows the Way Home

"David Ortiz Boston Red Sox"
Boston fans have seen this Ortiz post-homerun trot a lot.
There were times over the years when it looked as if Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz might be at the end of his career. In 2009, when he hit career homerun 300, he batted just .238. In the past, he’s been hobbled by physical problems and there were some seasons when he just seemed to hit the wall. Of course, who can forget the numerous times he used his bat to send the team and Boston fans home happy with a walk off hit or homer? He is and will always remain one of the top clutch hitters to ever don a Red Sox uniform.

Fast Forward to Ortiz Today

Three seasons have passed since he batted .238 and knocked out homer 300 and now he stands one round trip away from number 400, he’s hitting .309 with 21 homers and 53 RBI. He’s on a pace to hammer 45 out of the park this season. If he does that, Big Papi could reach the milestone of 500 four-baggers in a year or two.

By the way, he could also in a season or two top 2,000 hits and this season he’s on a pace to best his season double high of 47. There’s no doubt he’ll be a solid contender in this year’s All-Star homerun contest.

What Does Big Papi Bring?

But for all of his stats and big moments, Ortiz brings other attributes to the Red Sox that may be even more important or at least as important. A Boston fan favorite and premium Friendly Fenway performer, Ortiz is a smart team player who is liked by his peers. He always seems to have a solid perspective on reality. He brings something very real and genuine to this team and is a great representative for Boston and MLB.

Is Tonight the Night?

Tonight’s the night (to paraphrase the Rod Stewart song that’s about hitting a different kind of homerun) when Big Papi could swat his 400th. It would be in of all places Seattle, which is a good 3,000 miles away from Beantown. The Mariners are 32-45 and 15.5 games out of it. It’s not the best place to make a milestone, but then again a milestone is a milestone and it’s important that Ortiz and company beat up on clubs like Seattle.

Red Sox Making Progress

In the past two weeks, Boston has moved from last in the AL East to third and just 1.5 games out of second. They are 40-35 and third in the Wild Card standings. While the Red Sox play last-place Seattle, the Yankees travel to Chicago to battle against the AL Central leading White Sox. This is primetime for the Boston Red Sox on many levels.

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