For the Red Sox It Ain’t Over

"Adrian Gonzalez Boston Red Sox"
It ain't over for Adrian Gonzalez. His average is rising.
I’m writing this as the Red Sox are putting a beating on the Blue Jays, leading in the fifth 10-4. That’s good news for Boston fans. The Red Sox rallied last night to beat the Jays 5-1. They are 8-2 in their last 10 games and have gained one game on the Yankees in that time. Is that a big deal? It is actually. Gaining one game after 10 is huge, and conversely with so much of the season left, being 6.5 games out of first place is no big deal at this point in the season.

Red Sox Not Halfway Done Yet

I said to someone the other day that the Red Sox were coming back, and they looked at me like I just said the Titanic had pulled into Boston Harbor a little off course but safe. I looked at them in my own dumb way and said, “What?” They noted that the season was half over.

I was trying to figure that one out because last time I checked 162 games divided by 2 was 81 and MLB teams had only play 70 games at that point. So the season was not half over; in fact far from it. It was 11 games from being half over and in MLB 11 games can mean an entire season. I mean after 151 games this season, let’s see who’s on top and up to the Wild Cards and then check again after the final 11 are played. Something will have changed. Many things will have changed.

It Ain’t Over, ’til…

Well, it ain’t over ‘til it’s over; it ain’t over ‘til the fat lady sings and it ain’t over, ‘til all the shootin’s done. There’s a lot of times it ain’t over and in baseball it ain’t over ‘til 162 games have been played. And even then it ain’t over for some.

On the Mend

There was some good news this week on the following fronts. John Lackey is throwing and feeling better each day. Ellsbury looks to start rehab play on Friday. Beckett is about to come off the DL and should start on Saturday. Buchholz is out of the hospital after being in the ICU due to esophagitis.

Basically, esophagitis is bleeding of the esophagus, which can be caused by many different things. Some causes are serious and some are not. But Buchholz was losing so much blood he kept passing out and had to be admitted to the hospital. Testing will occur and hopefully there will be good news.

Hitting Again

And here’s a little more good news. Adrian Gonzalez is now hitting .269 and getting back on track. He had 3 RBI and was 2-5 today and his average has gone up 9 points in 10 days. Pedroia has seen his BA go up 5 points in the same time. Ortiz hit a homer today and walked three times. All is good. And although that game I mentioned at the top of this blog is over with the Red Sox beating the Jays 10-4, the season ain’t over yet for Boston fans. Heck, it ain’t even half over.

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