Boston Red Sox Sighted on Nantucket

"Jason Varitek with wife"
Tek and Catherine on her Twitter page.
As the Red Sox are enjoying the output and play of Middlebrooks, their young third baseman, and dealing with an unhappy Kevin Youkilis, who has been benched and will soon be traded, two of Boston’s favorite players were spotted by a friend of mine on Nantucket. She posted the sighting on Facebook and I asked her a few questions regarding the two former Red Sox. She filled me in and then I did some research. The great thing about the Internet is that it’s hard for ANYONE to keep a secret these days. Especially if their wife is Tweeting about it.

Wake and Tek at the White Elephant

I’m not giving out any secrets here. (I thought I might be at first.) My friend, who is staying with her husband and son at the White Elephant on Nantucket, spotted Wakefield and Varitek at the gazebo of that hotel having some adult beverages with their wives. According to my friend (who adores both), Wake was quite the fashion plate and Tek was…well…not. (I checked out a photo of the two from today…and she’s right.)

Catherine Tweeting

People love to chirp on Twitter and Jason’s wife, Catherine, was busy doing just that today. At about 1 pm (when my friend spotted Tek, Wake and wives), Catherine Varitek Tweeted”

"Jason Varitek and Tim Wakefield"
Tek, on left, Wake, with his back to camera, and spouses at the White Elephant.

“All ready at the #Gazebo on Nantucket! Wife may be getting Captain saused today;)”

Well, I don’t know how many drinks the Captain had or if he did get “saused” but he and the wife and friends were relaxing and having a good time.

The day before, she Tweeted about their trip and destination, noting:

“Off to the @whiteelephantma tomorrow! Love Nantucket in the summer. Cant wait to show Hubby around the island!”

Why on Nantucket?

Well, Wake and Tek were on the island to see a screening of the movie Knuckleball, which is a documentary that followed Wake and R.A. Dickey, both knuckleballers, through the 2011 baseball season.

Katherine offered two Tweets. The first being one she actually Re-Tweeted:

“Tim Wakefield and Jason Varitek in the @ackdreamland right now for #Nantucket Film Festival screening of “Knuckleball” #NFF2012 #RedSox”

The second was from Catherine Varitek ‏@CatherinVaritek:

“With Jason and Tim watching the “Knuckleball” movie at the Nantucket Film Festival #RedSox #MLB”

Tek’s Fear of Flying?

One thing I discovered about Tek from his wife’s Tweets is that the former Red Sox Captain was fearful of the aircraft he had to take to the island.

Her first Tweet said:

“Tek see’s our Cape Air flight & says “Cath! The car we drove here in is bigger than this f*ckin plane” LOL”

Later she Re-Tweeted a Tweet:

“@CatherinVaritek though I’m giggling at the vision of Jason in that little plane!”

Well, Tek and wife made it safely in that little puddle jumper.

Sexy Twitter Site

By the way, the picture from Catherine Varitek’s Twitter page, which I’ve posted above, is pretty sexy. Tek, when he was behind the plate always seemed to have his eyes glued on the incoming heater no matter how hot it was to handle, is certainly focused on the heat in this photo.

Great to know two of my favorite Red Sox of all-time, Wake and Tek, are having a good time on the Island of Nantucket. Do you think they miss the times they used to have on another island—Manhattan?

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