Being Boston Red Sox GM/Manager

"Jacoby Ellsbury Boston Red Sox injured"
Ellsbury needs to get back on his feet.
Okay, it’s time to put on the GM hat and manager apparel and come up with a plan that will stabilize the Red Sox and help power them into the AL East title, allowing them to take the pennant and then win the World Series. No problem, right? So how’s that going to happen? Here are three keys to the Boston Red Sox being division champs and pennant ready.

Trade Youkilis

Does he have a bad attitude in the clubhouse? Maybe. Who knows? How’s he doing this season after dealing with an injury? “Not well” is the answer there. So who would want Youkilis? Probably quite a few teams would be interested. Why? Well for a few reasons.

First, he’s got a great work ethic and he has been durable. He’ll go out there and get as dirty as any player to make something happen. Plus, he’s a versatile fielder and has a history of being a solid hitter. A team that’s probably going nowhere offers the best trade possibilities as they are looking to rebuild and are more or less interested in the future. The Astros, As and Cubs all have starting pitchers who would be very helpful to the Red Sox. (No, don’t go for another hitter/fielder. We’ve got some young guys to take on those jobs and some injured guys who will be back.)

Jacoby Ellsbury

The all-star centerfielder has been dealing with a shoulder issue since he injured it in mid-April on a slide. He’s a go-all-out player who offers great fielding, base running and hitting chops. Getting Jacoby Ellsbury back will be a huge help. But it could take some time. Once he does come back, you want to make sure he’s healthy enough to play for the rest of the season. There’s no reason to rush his comeback.

Beckett on Track

Hmmmm. Josh Beckett needs to do a few things to get back on track. He’s been having a shoulder problem. The good news is that an MRI revealed no structural damage. Beckett will miss one more start as he’s on the 15-day DL. There are two other parts to this equation—one has to do with performance and the other with image/attitude.

We need more from this guy and fast. And with that, we need a sense that he’s committed to the team and not the golf course. So getting Beckett on track has three parts—health, performance and attitude. This season, he’s been out-pitched by other Red Sox starters. You would hope that this would kick him into gear to focus on his game and excel to be the number one starter he’s supposed to be.

Boston Fan Opinion?

That’s my take. I’m sure you have yours. Let me know what you think. One thing is for certain doing nothing would be the worst thing. A few things have to happen and the Red Sox need to be proactive. It’s a long, hot summer, and there’s a lot of baseball left to go.

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