Eat it: Brazilian Barbecue Cambridge

With the number of major leaguers emerging from the Caribbean at an all-time high it’s only a matter of time before South America catches on.  Be in front of the curve on Brazilian Barbecue and visit The Midwest Grill in Inman Square, Cambridge.  It is a carnivore’s dream.  Serving the Churrascaria Rodizio style of Brazilian barbecue, servers roam about the restaurant carving off fantastically seasoned meats (which can be cooked to order) from metal skewers at each diner’s plate.  The heroes are the meats but the buffet also offers vegetables and sides, including a delicious “Brazilian stuffing,” The pace of meat delivery varies but the choices include Beef Sirloin, Kielbasa, Pork Loin, Chicken Hearts, Lamb, Ribs, Chicken Breast, and Brazilian Sausage, and there was not a loser in the bunch. And those winning meats will keep coming as long as the laminated card on your table has the green, or, “Go!” side up.  When you flip to red, or “Basta,” you can take a timeout or call it a night.  For the amount of food once could conceivably consume the cost of $22 from Sunday to Thursday and $25 on Friday and Saturday is a deal and the Midwest Grill has a full liquor license.  There is a comfortably cozy bar in the rear and the main dining room is rustic and spacious, ideal for seating large parties.
The Midwest Grill, 1124 Cambridge St. • Cambridge, MA 02139 • Tel: (617 ) 354-7536.  Open for lunch daily from 11:30 AM-4:00 PM and dinner from 4 PM- 11PM.
(They also have a route 1 Saugus location)

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