Boston Red Sox a Wild Card?

"David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox"
Big Papi pointing the way to victory.
It irks me to hear sports pundits talking about the fact that the Red Sox still have hope because starting this year there will be two Wild Cards in each league. Well, duh, yeah they do still have hope but so too do most other teams. What bothers me most about these baseball experts is that they talk as if the Wild Card is just about the only way the Red Sox will get there! Really? You mean they have NO CHANCE at winning the division? Maybe, then, we should forget the approximately 90 games left in the season, award the Division title to the Yanks and have an arm wrestling match to see who wins the Wild Cards?

Last Four Games

Okay Boston sports fans, here’s a quick review of what’s happened in the last four games. The Red Sox have gone 4-0, while the Yanks have gone 2-2 and the Orioles are 1-3. Tampa Bay is 2-2 and the Blue Jays are 2-2. The Red Sox are no longer in last place, and they are six out of first. A few days ago, they were 8 out. They might gain another game over the next four days. Over the next 30 days, they could go on a run and take over first place. You never know. I mean it’s great to have the Wild Cards and to be in contention for one of the spots, but Boston is also still very much in the race for the Division crown.

Hot Hitting

Last night, the Boston Red Sox shellacked (isn’t that a GREAT verb—“shellacked?”) the Miami Marlins 14-5. It was a heck of a slugfest with David Ortiz crushing a grand slam in the fourth. The Sox had 14 runs on 16 hits. Boston knocked out four homers.

On the mound, Felix Doubront (8-3) won his eighth. He went six innings, giving up four runs on nine hits and striking out four. Doubront continues to pitch well and his run support was great last night. What made it especially sweet was that the game was played at Friendly Fenway. It was a real treat for the hometown crowd to see the team excel.

Wild Card Schmild Card

Okay, “schmild” is not a word, but my meaning is clear. Let’s STOP the Wild Card talk until it’s time. Who cares about it? When is it the right time to talk Wild Card? Usually the last week or two of the season and that’s only when/if it’s clear that Boston simply cannot win the AL East. Great work last night, guys! Let’s take another one tonight!

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