New England Patriots Feel Good Moment

Okay sports fans (and specifically New England Patriots’ fans) I was reading my ESPN Magazine the other day. It was the one and sport’s controversies and the Tuck Rule game from 2001 was in there. ESPN says that the refs blew it. And that prompted me to say, “Who cares what you think?” I always say, “The game that’s refereed is the game you get.”

When all is said and done, there’s no use complaining about the refs, umps, officials, etc. But ESPN has devoted a whole issue to doing just that (because it’s good copy). But I say, Tuck Rule or no Tuck Rule—the Patriots went on to win and Oakland had many chances to stop them and take the game. However, they did not.

Great Video

So, I went across the Internet and found a great video that puts it all in perspective. Take a look at it. You’ll see that the call was correct. It was a forward pass ACCORDING TO THE RULE BOOK. Isn’t that the book you’re supposed to follow and not the book that says the Oakland Raiders always beat the New England Patriots in big games?

The great thing about the video is you get the official’s inside view of the whole thing and that’s very revealing.

Oakland Stole the Play!

Also interesting to note that Oakland stole the play the Pats were going to run. That’s right, one player, corner Eric Allen, overheard Brady say that they would run a slant and he alerted the Raiders. That’s why Oakland was on Brady and about to sack him. Okay, so let me get this straight, Oakland. You stole the play, which gave you a huge advantage, thought you caused a fumble by basically cheating and now you’re upset that the game’s rules were followed properly?

That sort of defines the Raiders’ sense of justice and fairness, doesn’t it? “No matter what, we have to win. Yes, even if we cheat.”

Must have been some extra Patriots’ karma in that snow in Foxboro, huh?

Crying Towels

Apparently a decade later, the Oakland Raiders who were on that team are still wiping away their tears with their crying towels. Are they bitter? Cha! Are they angry? Pretty much. Are they crybabies? You decide. (I’ve ordered them a gross of pacifiers.)

Of course, the Raiders forget that the Pats had to score twice to win the game. The officials did not cause Oakland to lose the game. The Raiders lost it to the better team who went on to win their first Super Bowl ever!

Sure makes me feel good. How about you? Wow, it’s going to be a great day!

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