Two More Boston Sports Questions to Consider

The Boston Bruins being honored at the White House without Tim Thomas.
Yesterday I offered two questions about Boston sports teams. One question focused on the Red Sox and the other the Patriots. Today, I’m contemplating a question regarding the Bruins and another the Celtics. There are no answers at this point to any of these queries, but as I said before, they are good conversation starters.

Is Tim Thomas Through?

I admire Tim Thomas a whole lot. I love the fact that he kicked around in the minors and in Finland for so long and it was not until he was in his 30s, when he was about to call it quits, made it into the NHL as a starter, setting records for the regular season and the Stanley Cup Playoffs, becoming an All-Star four times and winning the Stanley Cup with a brilliant playoff performance. All of that in six years!

The White House

But he really managed to put a sour spin on all of it by not going to the White House when the team was honored by the president this past season for winning the Stanley Cup. He then made it worse by using Facebook to explain his personal political reasons for not going. It was a bad move by Thomas for one reason.

The team was being honored in a traditional manner by the President of the United States and that’s a time to simply let go of any disagreements you may have with whoever may be in office. It’s a team thing and an American tradition to honor the club that has won a major professional championship. So treat it with respect. Plus, there was no bigger, more important symbol of the championship than Thomas. He was the major representative of that team.

Ill Feelings?

Rumors abound that Thomas’ political move had him on the outs with his teammates. It’s not that anything was said, but the team chemistry seemed to change as their starting goaltender began to lose the respect of at least some of his teammates.

Thomas on Sabbatical

Now Thomas has decided to take this next year off to spend more time with his family. It’s an admirable thing to do, but his salary will still be counted in the cap and that hurts the Bruins mightily. Plus, there’s more speculation that Thomas may be taking the year off due to the tensions his public political statemenst have caused.

This question about Tim Thomas being through has to do with a few things—as a goaltender, as an admired individual and a Boston sports hero? The lessons here—keep politics and sports separate and remember the team aspect is amazingly important to those who play with you and those fans who love that team.

Are the Celts Too Old?

Okay, let’s talk age. The Big Three are getting up there and playing a game that calls for young legs and stamina. Ray Allen is about to be 37, Kevin Garnett is 36 and Paul Pierce will be 35 this year. During the regular NBA season they have time to sit out games and let their wounds heal, but during the playoffs there is no time to get better or rest up. In the postseason, injuries just get aggravated more and more and older players who break down tend to be ineffective and are often a hindrance to the team’s attempt to succeed. Are the Boston Celtics too old to win another championship in their present state? Unfortunately, they may be. (I hate to say that.)

What Do You Think?

So, what do you think about Tim Thomas and the Big Three of the Celtics? Can Thomas be effective in goal as a member of the Bruins or is he through? And how about the Big Three of the Green—do they have the potential to make it to the NBA Finals and win it all one more time? Those are questions that, once again, only time will tell.

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