The Boston Celtics & The 2nd Big Three

Well, with the NBA Season over (yes I know the playoffs continue and it’s the finals, but let’s face, the season is over for the Green and who else is there?), it’s time to consider a few things. Well, three things really when it comes to the Boston Celtics—Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. Whither goest thou, our Big Three, Version II?

"Ray Allen Boston Celtics is part of the Big Three Version II"
Too bad Ray Allen couldn't hit a three, huh?

Paul Pierce

Remember the old days (about seven years ago) when Paul Pierce had to try to be Larry, D.J. and ML all in one? (Sort of a poor man’s Big 1.75.) Those were not the good old days. Once Garnett and Allen were on-board, Paul Pierce could be someone he had never been before with the Celtics—himself. And he’s been great ever since the Green allowed him to stop having to do his Three Stooges imitation. (He was pretty good before but totally overused in every way.)

Pierce is back, of course, and he really wants Garnett back too.

Kevin Garnett

Well, he turned out to be the keystone everyone thought he would be. His shift to center was huge this season and his coming back will be even bigger. Will he retire or go somewhere else? Here’s the skinny on Garnett—he’s loyal to the Celts, is tight with Doc Rivers and will probably want to play another year or two. Plus, he looks good in green.

Ray Allen

Chances are Allen will move on, reducing the second coming of The Big Three, The Big Two. There’s Avery Bradley, who got the starting role when Allen got injured and looked very good. He has hustle, drive and some good skills. And he is young, which is something the Celtics desperately need. Allen may be wearing a Heat uniform next season. (Yeah, don’t if figure?)

Bird, McHale, Parish

During the playoffs this season, I went over to YouTube a lot. Specifically, I replayed the clip of Bird stealing the ball (funny, that’s all you have to say and anyone who knows the Boston Celtics knows exactly what you’re talking about). Then I played other clips. Bird, McHale and Parish were the original Big Three and in five NBA Seasons, they won three championships. It was one of the most amazing eras ever in Celtic’s history.

When that era came to a close, Celtics fans had to go through many years of suffering before the second version of The Big Three arrived. This version was darn good. Not quite as good as the originals (I mean is Rain the same as The Beatles? No. The guy playing McCartney is right handed for God’s sake! But they are darn good.) Still, it’s been a good run. One NBA Championship in five years and one other time to the Finals. Not quite the resume of those first three guys but not bad.

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