Red Sox Find Pitching AND Hitting

"Ortiz hitds homerun #393 against the Miami Marlins"
Big Papi clubs homer #393 into the nightclub!
It was a great night to be a Red Sox fan as the team from Boston managed to put 10 runs on the board while the pitching staff kept the Miami Marlins at bay. Just yesterday I was saying “keep the faith” while also acknowledging that the game of baseball has a very long season where just about anything can happen. So how should we feel about last night’s game? Celebrate that Red Sox victory! Not only did they win, but also they took advantage of the struggling fish of Miami by winning 2 of 3 this week.

Felix Doubront

Starter Felix Doubront (7-3) was in great form. He was in command of the game, taking a no-hitter into the sixth inning. He finished the night after 7.0 innings, allowing just 2 runs on 3 hits and walking 1. The Red Sox starter notched 9 strikeouts. His no-hitter ended in the sixth when he gave up a home run to Miami shortstop Jose Reyes. That was a solo shot.

Relief came in and four pitchers gave up no runs, 1 hit and 2 BB. What more could you ask from a pitching staff?

It’s Big Papi to the Bar!

In the fourth, Ortiz hit a homer (14th) into the nightclub located beyond left field. When Big Papi was told where the ball landed, he said with that boyish gleam in his eye that he gets when he’s pulling your leg, “I did? Is that a club out there? Let’s go there now then.” The comment made sense, as the Red Sox certainly had a lot to celebrate.

Six starters had hits and five had at least one run batted in. Ortiz led the club with 3 RBI. It was a very good game that marked a great half-week performance for Boston.

Next Up

The Red Sox next visit the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs are in last place in the Central Division of the Senior Circuit. They are 21-41 and 13.5 games out of first. The Cubbies have lost 7 of their last 10. How bad are they? They are 14 out of 16 in RBI and 11th in batting average.

In pitching, Chicago is 14th in ERA and last in saves with 8. They are second worst in walks, having given up 229. They are about the same in pitching as Miami but much worse when it comes to hitting..

A Toast to the Team

So, this is what I say—a toast to the Boston Red Sox; and especially to Doubront and Ortiz. This week offers the team from Beantown a prime opportunity to make some headway in the win column. After visiting the Windy City, the Red Sox venture back home for the weekend to meet Miami once again and then entertain Atlanta. The Braves are a decent team.

Between the three teams, there are 9 games to play. Boston gets one day off in the next nine. Prime time guys! Eat that Bear before it eats you, don’t let the Fish off the line (or squish those Fish) and make those Tomahawk Chop Braves take out their crying towels. You know the Red Sox can do it!

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