Should The Red Sox Trade Kevin Youkilis?

Kevin Youkilis has been a rock on this Red Sox team but he may be the odd man out to either give this team a spark or collect something in return for what could be a ship of fools headed nowhere.  Rumor has it that the Pittsburgh Pirates are in the Youuuuk market, a team that hasn’t had a reason to make a post-season move in as long as I can remember.

The Sox claim they are not shopping Youkilis but I wasn’t looking to buy Cinnabuns at the mall when I was 18, they just smelled really good.  It a situation where the Red Sox could either look at a deal as a change to possibly jump start this team, or they could be looking at it as a deal that could bring them some prospects back in turn to help rebuild a team that isn’t going to be a contender.  If they feel like they are in contention than it will take more than Youkilis to bring something back that could make a difference. This could mean a Youk deal would involve another name that we have held dearly to our hearts.

Cherington is going to get his money’s worth as we enter July and is going to be faced with some very difficult decisions.

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