Should Mayor Menino Be More On Top Of Boston Sports?

It’s no secret that Bostonians care about sports. Boston is the flagship American city when it comes to the love of our games, but somehow the city’s long-time Mayor can’t quite keep up to speed with his citizens. After Menino’s most recent gaffe (praising the play of fictional Celtics players “KJ” and “Hondo”) many in Beantown have jumped on the Mayor. After fumbling through the names of Patriots players during their season – referring to Wes “Weckler” (Welker) and Rob “Grabowski” (Gronkowski) – Thomas Menino botched the nickname of Kevin Garnet aka KG and Celtics PG Rajon Rondo. While sports are a prominent part of local culture, does that mean the Mayor should be an expert in the field? Menino has a lot of responsibilities as the city’s leader, so maybe his time is best spent focusing on other things like education, healthcare etc. However, he may want to hire a sports media intern who can give him some proper notes when it comes to playoff time for the Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots and Celtics. What do you Chowdaheadz think?

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