Bruins Fans May “Unfriend” Tim Thomas On Facebook

Black and Gold supporters now know for certain that the eccentric and exceptionally talented Tim Thomas is taking a year off from hockey…because he posted it on Facebook. Thomas is infamous for his use of the social network – which has been in the headlines quite a bit after their recently launched IPO soared and crashed with alarming speed. TT also took to Facebook in January after he skipped the Bruins’ White House celebration to explain that he was making a statement to the Federal Government which he believes “has grown out of control, threatening the Rights, Liberties, and Property of the People,”. In June, Thomas declared that he will skip an entire season of hockey with another status-update-heard-round-the-world. Timmy T listed “the three F’s. Friends, Family, and Faith” as his reasons for hanging up the skates for next season. While few would argue with his priorities, many have been critical of Thomas’ approach to communication. TT snubbed the media when he no-showed at the White House, failing to warn fans about his upcoming absence and then taking to Facebook later that evening to justify it. Now that Tim Thomas has once again dropped a social media bomb on Boston, the pattern is beginning to annoy some folks. Rumors about Thomas’ possible year off were swirling for days. Media pundits have theorized that the former Vezina trophy winner was using the threat as business leverage (Thomas has only one year left on his contract and was considered by most insiders to be on the trading block) or that he may be having personal issues. Whatever the case, Timmy decided to let us all know via his favorite medium – the blue and white social network. Perhaps TT has an endorsement deal from Mark Zuckerberg. Or maybe he’s just a real dude who wants to tell those who “Like” him what’s on his mind without a media firewall. Whatever the case, Tim Thomas’ Facebook usage has raised many questions about how athletes and other public figures should use social media. Some view the goalie’s use of “FB” as a cowardly way to circumvent Bruins brass and their PR standards. Others look at the same practice and admire Thomas’ cajones, heralding him as a man of the people. Tim Thomas is one of the greatest NHL goaltenders of all time – and forever a Bruins legend. Nothing can ever change that. But since Timmy has toyed with the minds of Bruins fans by posting earth shattering status updates and bailing on the final year of his deal, some Boston Hockey diehards may want to “Unfriend” him.


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