Rondo Robbed By Refs

Look like a foul to you? This is a snapshot of the infamous no-call on Dwyane Wade, who swiped Rajon Rondo in the eyes as he released a lay-up that could have sealed the win for the Celtics in overtime. Instead, Miami got the ball and ran down the floor to finish with a dunk on the other end and the Heat edged Boston in game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals in Miami. The Celtics and their fans have been enraged by the one-sided officiating in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. Doc Rivers and several players have made coy references to the poor calls and the internet is swirling with conspiracy theories. Does the NBA WANT Miami to win? Are they  favored by David Stern? Maybe. However, the Celtics are returning home to Boston for 2 games and could very well tie the series this weekend. The crowd in the TD Garden should be ROCKING when Miami comes to town.

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