Beat The Heat

The Miami Heat’s high-flying attack, led by NBA MVP Lebron James, seems pretty tough to stop. However, the Boston Celtics have the makeup and know-how that it takes to beat the Heat. Here are 3 things that Boston needs to do in order to overcome Miami:

KG Takeover

The absence of Chris Bosh makes Kevin Garnett a matchup nightmare for Miami. Bosh is a nimble tall guy who can track Garnett on the perimeter and slow him down inside. But since the notoriously soft Bosh is crying hurt with an abdominal strain, KG should drop an automatic 25 every night in this series.

Get Stiemy 

Greg Stiemsma will play a lot of added minutes in a series where the Celtics need to protect the paint. Boston’s D needs Garnett and Steimsma acting as two tall trees in the middle, deterring Dwyane Wade and Lebron James from driving to the rim for easy buckets.

Enter The Rondo Bot 3000 – A Triple Double Machine

Rajon Rondo needs to live up to his newly found label as a “triple-double machine”. Rondo is the engine of the Celtics, inspiring the offense and grabbing key boards on D. If Rondo can elevate his game and consistently play like a superstar the Celtics should be able to edge the Heat in the 7 game series.

The NBA Eastern Conference finals sure should be fun to watch! Especially if the Celtics execute on the above points and earn a bid to the NBA Finals.


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