Big 3 a Big Risk for Ainge, Celtics?

Celtics fans know that GM Danny Ainge turned Boston’s beloved basketball franchise around by acquiring the legendary Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen in the summer of 2007. What many Boston fans probably don’t realize is how big of a risk Ainge took by assembling the Big 3. Ainge essentially sold the farm – dishing out all of Boston’s young talent (Al Jefferson, Gerald Green etc) to bring in Allen and Garnett. Ray Ray, as he is now known in the Bean, was coming off of double ankle surgery at the time. Nobody knew how he would perform, but everybody knew that no matter how well KG and Ray played the window of opportunity was a small one. In 2012 that window appears to be closing, but no matter how the Celtics finish basketball followers will mark Ainge’s move down as a success. The Celtics won an NBA championship in their first “Big 3” season and maintained contender status for nearly half a decade after. The next era of Celtics history will be one of rebuilding and pessimists will say the franchise was put in a precarious position by putting all their eggs in a basket carried by elder players. However, if Paul Pierce, KG and Ray Allen bring home another title – or  make it to the Eastern Conference finals to battle the Miami Heat’s copycat Big 3 again – any Boston fan would have to admit that Ainge’s gamble was a good one.

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