Celtics Fans Hate Lakers Or Heat The Most?


For traditional Celtics fans, it’s impossible to top Boston’s longstanding rivalry with the Lakers. However, after Los Angeles fell to the youthful Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference semi-finals, the Celtics’ chances of re-visiting the rivalry have vanished for the time being. Plus, there’s a new team to hate that’s on everybody in the NBA’s radar: the Miami Heat. Ever since Lebron took his talents to – ugh…well you know where – the Heat have been the League’s most hated franchise. NBA fans from all cities spew venom toward the cocky copycat ‘Big 3’ of Bosh, Wade and James. Could this Miami team, playing Boston several times a year in the Eastern Conference, claim the title of most hated Celtics rival? An Eastern Conference Finals matchup in 2012 could catapult them there. While the Lakers/Celtics feud is the richest in basketball history, it may be time to focus on a new enemy, at least for the next few years. Judging by the way the 2012 NBA postseason is playing out, the Celtics and Heat could be on a crash course to contend for the East title. Miami knocked out Boston in the semis in 2011, so of course KG, the Truth and co. will be out for vengeance. If the Celtics do play Miami for a trip to the NBA finals, expect a doozy of a series. Boston and Miami are looking like the two top teams in the East, so this basketball rivalry is really HEATing up.

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