The “Old” Boston Celtics: Built On Experience & Poise Under Pressure


The Celtics’ age is a topic much discussed. At the beginning of the post-lockout 2011-2012 season, Boston fans asked “How are they going to compete if they are so old?”. As the 2012 NBA Playoffs roll on, the conversation seems to sound more like “How are they so good despite their age?” This Boston Celtics team has shown a level of poise and confidence that their inexperienced opponents lack in high-pressure playoff games. But even with the Big 3’s legendary resume, most folks are surprised by how well Boston is playing. The C’s seem to be finding their swagger in the postseason after a rocky start to the 2011-2012 campaign. While Boston cruised through much of the 66 game schedule looking like a squad that would sneak into the playoffs only to promptly exit, Doc Rivers’ team has wowed NBA fans with their playoff performance. With 2011-2012 likely being the last run for Garnett, Pierce and Allen together, the cagy veteran trio known as the Big 3 is giving it their all. This Celtic team looks as confident as ever. Knowing full well that this may be the final shot, The Truth, KG and Ray-Ray have become hyper-focused basketball machines that defy age. No matter what sticky situation Boston finds itself in, one of these guys (or all three) have been there before. Couple the wisdom of the Veteran core with the spark added by fresher faces like Brandon Bass and Avery Bradley and you’ve got yourself a true trophy threat. And don’t forget about the team’s triple-double turbo-charger, PG Rajon Rondo who adds a huge youthful boost. If the Celtics can stay healthy during the duration of the grueling and lengthy NBA playoff stretch, there is no reason why we shouldn’t see an 18th NBA Championship banner hanging at the TD Garden soon.

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