Welker Stands Pat

Wes Welker is showing once again that he is a true Patriot. Welker defused the tension surrounding his contract situation by declaring that he has “9.5 million” reasons not to hold out in order to force a new deal. This number of course refers to the Franchise tag for 2012-2013 that he has not yet signed.  Welker did appear on ESPN’s Sportscenter last month to voice his frustrations (Welker speculated that Belichick was probably too wrapped up in “draft mode” to deal with his contract situation in April) but things now appear to be OK in Foxborough. While Wes Welker would certainly prefer a long-term contract, he is a devout Belichickian pupil. Welker will show up for work on time & play even harder to earn his cash rather than hold out and risk a sloppy season a la Chris Johnson in 2011. The New England Patriots rarely dish out big deals to anyone, but it seems inevitable that Welker (554 catches in five seasons with New England) has a serious payday coming from the Pats…even if it has to wait until 2013. It’s good to see Welker staying patient and humble in an era where many NFL players hold out & risk hurting their performance to force the issue. Wes is a class act and one of the all-time great Pats receivers.

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