Garnett’s Last Stand

Kevin Garnett is playing like a man possessed in the 2012 NBA Playoffs. At age 35, KG is still scoring, grabbing key rebounds and playing ferocious D in the paint. Boston basketball fans are familiar Kevin Garnett’s storied spirit and drive, but the future Hall of Famer looks especially fired up in what could potentially be his final season. So vicious has been KG’s postseason play that Atlanta Hawks co-owner Michael Gearon Jr. called Garnett the “dirtiest guy in the league“. While Celtics fans would prefer words like “gritty” or “tough” to describe Garnett’s playing style, everyone can agree that number 5 is going extra hard this season. KG is in the final year of his contract so this could very well be his last hurrah. With the future of the Big 3 shrouded in uncertainty, 2012 is probably KG’s final legitimate shot at more silverware, so he will be running in high gear. And don’t expect KG to apologize to the Atlanta Hawks – or anyone else who tries to get in Garnett’s way.


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