Fenway Park reaches centennial mark

A Boston landmark turns 100 today…

Happy Birthday Fenway Park!

April 20, 2012 marks the 100th birthday of America’s beloved Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox. Fenway Park, the oldest Major League Baseball stadium, holds a very special place in baseball history. Constructed in only 8 months, the original owner John Taylor designed the stadium to compliment Boston’s Back Bay architectural design.

The right field wall as we all know and love as “the Green Monster” was not part of the original design. After a devastating fire in 1926, the wooden wall constructed to protect neighboring Landsdowne Street from home-run balls was rebuilt in tin covered in concrete and erected to 37 feet. For many years, “The Wall” as it was known in those days, was covered in advertisements, but in 1947, the powers that be decided to paint it green and another landmark was created.

Fenway Park draws in nearly 3.4 million visitors each year. Our beloved park, holds the record for the most consecutive sold out games in MLB history. They don’t call as Red Sox Nation for nothing.

Yeah, the seats are small. The tickets are wicked expensive. You have to take out a small loan just to bring the whole family to a game. Good luck with parking. And the green line, forget about it! However, when you walk through those turnstiles and up the ramp and see that field and smell the grass, you know you are about to experience greatness.

For me, every time I visit Fenway, it feels like the first time. Sitting on my dad’s lap, screaming at the batter, begging for another bag of cotton candy. Just hoping the game went into extra innings, so the day would never end. Now I get to experience that same feeling with my family.

So, go get ’em boys! Give us a win over New York, just like you did on this day 100 years ago. “Let’s go Red Sox, let’s go!”

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